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All About Artificalsky App

The name of the app used by Artificalsky’s smart artifical sky light is “Pesetech”, which was developed by Lepulighting — Artificalsky’s Parent Company. You can download this app by searching for “Pesetech” in Apple Store and Google Play.

Pesetech App makes not only a powerful functions Light for Artificialsky’s artificial sky lights, but also makes the experience more delicate. With variety of scene mode’ presets such as: Dawn curve, HCL, Sunrise, Sunset and Moonlight modes.

In addition, this App can not only control Artificialsky’s smart artificial sky lights, but also control many other smart home devices, such as: smart sockets, smart switches, smart dimmers, smart ceiling lights, smart downlights, etc. More smart home products are coming soon.

Features That Matter

The Reasons You’ll Love It


After connecting the product to wifi, you can control it in other places.

Very convenient

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Right time, right color temperature, right brightness give the right feeling.

sun-sun synchronization

2700K in the morning, 80% brightness. 10000K at noon, 100% brightness. 3000K 90% brightness in the evening…

Dawn Curve

Simulates the change in color temperature during sunrise.

Wake up

The sun is still below the horizon at 6000K, 2% brightness. The sun is just above the horizon at 5000K 10% brightness. The sun comes out from the horizon at 4000K 20% brightness. . . .

Classic CCT

Make the light color very nice at every color temperature

Color temperature calibration

By adjusting the color temperature ratio, the chromaticity coordinates closest to sunlight in each color temperature state are mixed.

8 Scene Modes

Sunrise, Noon, Sunset, Reading, Refreshing, Leisure, Moonlight, Red sun

Let the light better serve life

8 scene modes are enough to meet the needs of our life or work for lighting scenes.

CCT Value

Wide value range from dim candle light to bright clear sky.

Ultra-wide CCT range

It covers all the color temperature demand points in life and work.

We Make Your life Easier

Benefits of Human Centric Lighting

Humans are affected by light not only on a visual level, but also on a biological one. When installing an Human Centric Lighting solution (HCL), you reinforce your circadian rhythm, enhancing your cognitive skills and sense of wellbeing. It is also used to provide the ideal visual working conditions in challenging environments.

Mieux dormir

Mieux performer

Se sentir mieux

More Smart Devices

"Pesetech" is an App that focuses on the experience of smart devices, especially in the field of lighting, it has extremely rich experience and capabilities for color temperature control, SDCM value control, stroboscopic control and dimming effects.

  • Scan's Sun--Smart Sleep Ceiling Light

  • Sailing--Smart RGBCW Downlight

  • Change Dimmer--Smart Bluetooth Triac Dimmer

  • Smart Bulb & Smart Spotlight

  • Colorme--Smart Light Strip Controller

  • Smart Wifi Plug & Smart Wifi Switch

  • more smart products are coming soon

8 Scene Modes

The ultra-wide 1800K-10000K color temperature range can easily simulate the sky color temperature changes throughout the day, and can bring 8 scene modes: Sunrise, Noon, Sunset, Read, Refresh, Casual, Moonlight and Dawn.

Screenshot Candy

Everyone loves looking at beautiful eye candy

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