Customer share video

As you can see from this video, the installation method of Pesetech’s Skylight is very simple.

Installing a Skylight in a small space can not only add natural light but also make the space more open.

Install a Skylight in the home office, when we work on the computer for a long time, occasionally looking at the light can relieve eye fatigue.

With IP54 protection level, it can be safely installed in a humid environment.

If I didn’t tell you it’s an LED light, you’d think it was a window.

Install multiple Skylights together, more like a big and real window.

Official demo video

Pesetech’s artificial sky light can not only simulate the ultra-realistic blue sky, but also simulate the infinite depth of the sky. It’s like compressing the 100,000-meter sky to 18cm. We always have a refreshing feeling when we inadvertently look up at the lamp. So it can relieve our tension, eye fatigue.

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