Four core advantages

Make the artificial blue sky light effect comparable to the real blue sky.

Decor Process
Navy Blue

Comparable to the clear sky at noon.


The ultra-wide color temperature range can simulate the real sunrise, clear sky and sunset.

Zoom Optical Film

Only 5mm thick Rayleigh diffuser has a visual sense of 10,000 meters of deep space.

Whole chain R&D

From nano diffuser, led driver, embedded program development to APP development are all developed by ourselves, so every innovation and experience-related ideas are guaranteed to be realized.


We never stop to chasing the blue sky.

Although we cannot install skylights due to site constraints, we can install artificial sky lights. Bring us a good mood with artificial sky lights.

  • Create a natural atmosphere with green plants.
  • Enclose dark areas to create natural fill light.
  • Office, bathroom installation soothing mood.
  • Hospitals, dental installations heal the mood.
Modern armchair
New table products
red armchair

Let artificial sky lights not only have blue sky

Benefits of Human Centric Lighting

Humans are affected by light not only on a visual level, but also on a biological one. When installing an Human Centric Lighting solution (HCL), you reinforce your circadian rhythm, enhancing your cognitive skills and sense of wellbeing. It is also used to provide the ideal visual working conditions in challenging environments.

Sleep Better

Perform Better

Feel Better

8 Scene Modes

Sunrise, Noon, Sunset, Reading, Refreshing, Leisure, Moonlight, Red sun.”Blue Sky” is more interesting.

Timer on, Timer off

So you don’t need to manually turn the lights on or off, and don’t worry about forgetting to turn off the lights and causing electricity bills.

For any kind of customer

Artificial skylight embedded installation steps.

  • Confirm the thickness of the ceiling.

  • Adjust the height of the ceiling adapter to match the thickness of the ceiling

  • Connect the wires and place the lamp body diagonally into the pre-drilled hole.

  • Connect the protective rope and magnetically fasten the panel.

Integrated ceiling installation method.

Push the entire lamp body including the face frame diagonally, and then lay the lamp flat. Refer to the installation method of the panel light.

* It is recommended to add installation ropes for large-area integrated ceilings and old integrated ceilings.

Thinking out of the box