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[Child protection] Gradually closed to avoid accidents.

[Adjust the brightness exactly as you want] The PeseTech change dimmer 175U allows you to adjust the brightness of 1-100% via the app or via voice control. In addition, the intelligent light switch has a memory function and can also remember the selected setting permanently. Note*: The dimming function must be used with dimmable LED bulbs or incandescent lamps. The slow start time can be set via the dimmer app.

[Intelligent control from anywhere] You can check the light status at any time via the mobile phone app or voice control function or remotely switch the light on and off. The PeseTech change dimmer 175U light switch is compatible with Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant

[Universal design, Easy installation] The simple and modern design of the PeseTech change dimmer 175U light switch fits perfectly into any interior. Discover the comfort of a modern and smart life in just three short steps

[Customize the 175U to your lifestyle] Create schedules where your lights automatically turn on or off at a specific time Create “scenes” and activate them at the touch of a button in the app,Soft Start function Gives you time to leave the room without bumping into anything in the dark.



Child protection, Step-by-step closing function with adjustable time to avoid accidents.

PeseTech LED Dimmer Schalter

Childcare mode::

In addition to the regular closing of lamps and lanterns, there is also a step-by-step closing function for older people and children.
When the set time is reached, the lights are not turned off directly, the brightness is reduced to 50%, then 20%, and then slowly turned off. To avoid accidents.
Set the start time and operating time of childcare mode.
For example, set the start time of childcare mode to 21:00 and the operating time to 10 minutes.

When the time reaches 21:00, the brightness of childcare mode is immediately reduced to 50% when the time reaches 21:05,
the brightness is immediately reduced to 20% and when the time reaches 21:08.
From 21:08 to 21:10 it runs slowly from 20% brightness decreases to OFF.


The light slowly lights up out of nowhere to wake you up every morning.

PeseTech led dimmer schalter

Wake up mode:

When the mode is on, the brightness changes gradually over time, it takes an hour to complete the brightness change of 0-100% .

Percentage of brightness      Time spent

0-5% 5minutes

6-10% 5minutes

11-20% 5minutes

21-60% 10minutes

61-80% 5minutes

81-100% allein für 30 minutes

*Wake up mode is proportional to the brightness set, not the maximum brightness.

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