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In modern society, office workers spend 70% of their time facing the computer in a closed space, which will have adverse effects on people’s body and mind, such as biological clock disorders, depression, and eye fatigue. Therefore, when choosing an office environment, people always tend to choose an office with large windows. However, most office environments are not satisfactory.

Pesetech introduces a new generation of intelligent artificial skylights that can simulate a realistic blue sky and look like a real skylight with infinite depth to transform enclosed office spaces. Its ultra-wide 1800K-10000K color temperature can also simulate sunrise and sunset, simulate all-day changes in sky color temperature (HCL lighting), enhance employees’ circadian rhythm, and enhance employees’ cognitive skills and well-being.

Project Analysis

The design of this project is very simple. The yellow-brown space with 3000K color temperature light should give people a fresh and warm feeling, but due to the lack of natural light and the relatively closed space, it will inevitably give people a feeling of depression.
The inclined design of the ceiling and the artificial sky light can alleviate the lack of natural light. At the same time, because of the deep sky visual sense of the artificial sky light, the closed space becomes open, which reduces the oppression of the staff and makes the whole environment more comfortable. vitality.
In addition to creating a natural environment, the luminous surface of the artificial sky light not only has no glare when viewed directly, but also has a deep sense that can relax tired eyes, which is very friendly to those who work at the computer for a long time.
In this project, artificial sky lights can supplement natural light, create a natural open environment and soothe the staff’s emotions.

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