Rayleigh Scattering + Zoom Optical Technology

People always yearn for the blue sky, and know that often looking up at the blue sky will feel very happy, but they do not know why the sky is blue. It was not until 1900 that British physicist Lord Rayleigh discovered the Rayleigh scattering law, which explained why the sky is blue.
However, there are many places in our life where skylight cannot be installed due to structural problems. After nearly three years of hard work, artificalsky finally developed an artificial sky light with a blue sky visual sense and a deep blue sky.

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Angela Breid

“The intensity of Rayleigh scattering is inversely proportional to the fourth power of the wavelength.”

Lord Rayleigh, British physicist


Only true Rayleigh scattering can infinitely approach the optical effects found in nature, making the artificial blue sky more profound and transparent.

Ceramic materials

3 years/730 debugs/100% reduced Rayleigh scattering

3 years / 207 emails to communicate / debug zoom optical film
3 years/65 times phosphor debugging/completed 1800-10000K lamp beads

Four core advantages

Make the artificial blue sky light effect comparable to the real blue sky.

Decor Process
Navy Blue

Comparable to the clear sky at noon.


The ultra-wide color temperature range can simulate the real sunrise, clear sky and sunset.

Zoom Optical Film

Only 5mm thick Rayleigh diffuser has a visual sense of 10,000 meters of deep space.

Whole chain R&D

From nano diffuser, led driver, embedded program development to APP development are all developed by ourselves, so every innovation and experience-related ideas are guaranteed to be realized.

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We never stop to chasing the blue sky.

Although we cannot install skylights due to site constraints, we can install artificial sky lights. Bring us a good mood with artificial sky lights.

  • Create a natural atmosphere with green plants.
  • Enclose dark areas to create natural fill light.
  • Office, bathroom installation soothing mood.
  • Hospitals, dental installations heal the mood.
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Quality design made simple

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  • Creating your space

  • Design with distinction

  • Aesthetic Interior

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