First Step

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This is the name of our app. You can download it by searching for this name in google play and apple appstore. You can also scan the QR code below to download.


Second Step


2 minutes to complete account registration

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  • Fill in the email

  • Check the verification code in the mailbox

  • Enter the verification code (note that the validity period is 5 minutes)

  • Name your home
  • enter password

  • Choose a country

  • Complete the registration and enter the APP homepage

Third step

Add device

Homepage of PesetechAPP

It is also the regular device list page of the APP.

Steps to add a device

Before adding a device, please confirm whether the device is in the distribution network status

  • Click the “+” sign in the upper right corner to open the device description mode

  • After scanning to the device, click “link” to configure the network

  • Enter the WIFI account and password (only support 2.4Gwifi network)

  • Configure the network and start the countdown

  • After the network distribution is successful, choose to put the smart device in the preset room or your own new room

  • After joining the room, name the device and click next step to complete the adding process