Basement Application

Bathroom Application

In order to make full use of space, many villas will build basements. And underground usually has no natural light. Skylight is a good solution. It can simulate the color temperature change of the sky throughout the day without affecting the biological rhythm, but can reduce the impact of ordinary lighting fixtures on the human biological rhythm.

The picture on the left uses the Skylight-60W, which is also our best seller.

Living Room Application

The living room is usually the largest area in the house, and installing Skylights may create some natural ambiance in addition to adding natural light to the space.

The size installed in the video on the right is 600X1200MM.

Dining room Application

The picture on the left uses our best selling Skylight-60W.

  • Best seller

  • Power:60Watt

  • CCT:1800K-10000K

  • IP:54
  • Suitable for 3-6 square meters of space

More bathroom photos

More bathroom photos

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