Artificial sky light

In modern society, people spend 90% of their time indoors, but in many cases, indoor lighting is not enough. People stay in a closed room for a long time, which will cause adverse effects on people’s body and mind, such as biological clock disturbance and depression. Pesetech introduces a new generation of intelligent artificial skylights that simulate a realistic blue sky that looks like a real skylight with infinite depth. The ultra-wide 1800K-10000K color temperature can also simulate sunrise and sunset, simulate all-day changes in sky color temperature (HCL lighting), enhance your circadian rhythm, and enhance your cognitive skills and well-being.

Installation is very simple

No matter you are integrated ceiling installation or embedded installation, as long as your ceiling interior space has a height of 18CM, it can be installed.

installation steps

  • Confirm the thickness of the ceiling.

  • Adjust the height of the ceiling adapter to match the thickness of the ceiling

  • Connect the wires and place the lamp body diagonally into the pre-drilled hole.

  • Connect the protective rope and magnetically fasten the panel.

Micro-nano technology

Simulating the Rayleigh scattering effect of the atmosphere and restoring the blue sky from the principle can present the most realistic sky. Pesetech’s artificial sky light uses nanotechnology to truly simulate the Rayleigh scattering effect of the atmosphere, restore the effect of countless tiny particles irradiated by sunlight, and finally present a blue color that is infinitely close to the sky.

Rayleigh scattering effect

Bring ultra-realistic sky and natural light into any room.

Essential details

Product name:Skylight-60WPower:Max60W
Input Voltage(V):100-240VCRI:92-95
Color Temperature(CCT):1800K-10000KIP Rating:54
SDCM:3-4Lamp Luminous Flux(lm):1000-1800lm
Dimming:YesAPP control:Yes
Dimension(DE):620×310×175(mm)Installation space:800X600X185MM
Cutout:266×586 (mm)Product weight:4.5KG
Gross weight:6.6KGPackage dimensions:

Essential details

Product name:Skylight-60W
Input Voltage(V):100-240V
 Power: Max60W
Color Temperature(CCT):1800K-10000K
IP Rating:54
Cutout:266×586 (mm)
Product weight:4.5KG
Gross weight:6.6KG

Feature of product

  • Rayleigh Scattering + Zoom Film for Ultra-realistic Blue Sky and Infinite Depth

  • The ultra-wide 1800K-10000K color temperature can also simulate sunrise and sunset.

  • The HCL Lighting feature simulates changes in the color temperature and brightness of the sky throughout the day, enhancing your circadian rhythm and enhancing your cognitive abilities and well-being.

  • APP control, timing on or off, 8 scene modes make life easier

  • Controls the coordinate value of the light at each color temperature to make the light closer to natural light.

  • The development of drivers, embedded software and APP software is completed by the internal team to ensure the stability of the product in an all-round way.

Benefits of Human Centric Lighting

Humans are affected by light not only on a visual level, but also on a biological one. When installing an Human Centric Lighting solution (HCL), you reinforce your circadian rhythm, enhancing your cognitive skills and sense of wellbeing. It is also used to provide the ideal visual working conditions in challenging environments.

Sleep Better

Perform Better

Feel Better

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