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Create Blue Sky

Make the space more natural, fresh and comfortable.

Create Blue Sky, Anytime, Anywhere

Make the space more natural, fresh and comfortable.

How can Artificial Sky Lights relieve our stress & regulate emotions?

What is Rayleigh Scattering?

What is ciliary muscle?
What are telephoto optics?

When a specific white LED light passes through the patented nano-diffusing plate, it will turn the original transparent diffuser into the same navy blue as the sky.

The 0.5mm long-distance optical film turns a 5mm-thick diffuser into a deep sky. This sense of infinite vision relaxes the ciliary muscles of the eye.  Whenever you look at the lights inadvertently, there will always be a refreshing feeling.

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Artificial Sky Lights

In addition to the clear sky at noon, there is also the rising sun in the morning and the sunset at dusk.

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Artificial sky

Four Major Applications of Artificial Sky Lights

Artificial sky lights can be applied in many places, such as bathrooms, basements, study rooms, living rooms, offices, negotiation rooms, dental clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, psychological consultation rooms, etc.

Light Filling
Natural Lighting
Emotion Smoothing
Psychal Curing

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What our clients say

“Just looking at the photos gave me the urge to buy. When I saw the real one, I was completely shocked by the deep blue sky. It’s amazing! highly recommend!!”

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