Healthcare Lighting Application

The tense atmosphere of the hospital, especially the closed place, usually brings people a sense of anxiety. In addition, the patient is unwell, which often puts a lot of pressure on the patient and is not conducive to recovery. Studies have shown that sunlight can accelerate the recovery of patients, and a good environment is conducive to the recovery process. The ultra-realistic blue sky and natural light introduced by Pesetech’s smart artificial sky lights are more conducive to creating a good environment, thereby improving the quality of rehabilitation treatment.

Pesetech introduces a new generation of intelligent artificial skylights that can simulate a realistic blue sky and look like a real skylight with infinite depth, transforming closed office spaces. Its ultra-wide color temperature of 1800K-10000K can also simulate sunrise and sunset, simulate the change of sky color temperature throughout the day (HCL lighting), enhance the patient’s circadian rhythm, and improve the patient’s recovery speed.

Project Analysis

The design of this project is very user-friendly. The walls and ceilings use the Lego building blocks that children love and use different colors for boys and girls. Give your child a playground feel instead of a stressful dental office. The large windows and artificial sky lights on the ceiling not only open up the enclosed space, but also bring in natural light, which further relieves the tension of the children, reduces the pressure of the staff, and makes the whole environment more comfortable.
In addition to creating a natural environment, the luminous surface of the artificial sky lantern not only does not dazzle the eyes directly, but also has a sense of depth, which can relax tired eyes and is very friendly to dentists who work continuously and intensively.

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