Home Application


30% of customers installed Skylight in the bathroom.


25% of customers installed Skylight in the kitchen.


18% of customers installed Skylight in the hallway.


27% of customers install it in the living room, basement, etc.

Home Lighting Application

Home Lighting Application

People have never stopped pursuing the sunshine and blue sky. We always like to add large windows or skylights to our house designs. Unfortunately, due to space constraints, skylights cannot be installed in many places. Pesetech’s smart artificial skylight can not only simulate the color of the sky, but also simulate the depth of the sky, which looks like looking at the distant sky through a real skylight. Its ultra-wide 1800K-10000K color temperature range can simulate from sunrise to sunset as well as the night sky, enhancing circadian rhythm for better sleep, enhanced cognitive ability and well-being.

Excellent Project Photos

Excellent Project Photos

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