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Scan Dimmer

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Smart Pad

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Touch Dimmer

Skylight의 밝기 및 색온도 제어

surface-60W is a surface mount smart artificial sky light that can be controlled by a mobile APP. Its main functions include: dimming, color adjustment, wake-up, automatic simulation of sky changes throughout the day, and timing of turning on lights or lights. Its power is 60Watt. Suitable for 1-10 square meters of space. For example: kitchen, bathroom, hallway, entrance, etc.

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    • 간편한 설치 – 일반 전기 기사도 설치할 수 있습니다.
    • 운송 보증 – 수령 후 손상에 대한 보상.


    Surface mount, no false ceiling required.


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